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HIPAAmate is a full-featured compliance software designed to save you valuable time.

Don't let frustration with HIPAA take your focus away from what matters most—patients!

The HIPAA Hazard

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Even well-intentioned providers can be led astray by misinformation. Do you know if you're HIPAA compliant?

Once you know what is required, finding useful and affordable help becomes the goal.


What you can do with HIPAAmate

Annual Staff Training

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ePHI Inventory

Security Risk Analysis

HIPAA Reports

HIPAA compliance with HIPAAmate is even easy on the go

Policies & Procedures

Business Associates

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Support (general & audit)


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Risk Assessment Checklist

Check each item you actively manage.

No expert needed; however, this person should have access to an expert or be technology savvy and well versed in HIPAA requirements themselves.

Document the level of information access each job role requires to complete assigned job activities.

A history of physical changes, upgrades, repairs, and other modifications to your facility where ePHI is kept.

Know each person's level of ePHI access, mobile device usage, remote access authorization, inventory assignment, signed agreements, and training history.

Obtain signed Business Associate Agreements from those who perform a service on your behalf involving the use of protected health information.

List every device in which patient information is stored or passes through. Know what safeguards are in place to protect each inventory item.

A collection of independent policies & procedures, some of which must be custom to your office (can't be one-size-fits-all). Your policies must be reviewed and approved annually.

Generic online videos don't count because HIPAA training must be specific to your office. Training topics include: breach notification, sanction policies, password management, malware basics, workstation use, and emergency operations.

Review records of information system activity, such as audit logs, to ensure patient records are being accessed in a manner consistent with your policies and procedures.

Manage threat-vulnerability combinations and assign risk scores based on likelihood and impact determinations. Warning: A "risk assessment" is not a Risk Analysis. Read More

Implement new security measures (a.k.a. safeguards) to reduce risk to reasonable and appropriate levels.

Reports help prove you took reasonable steps to protect patient information. After all, "if it wasn't documented, it didn't happen."


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