The HIPAA Features You Need

Whether you're a small office with 1 employee or a big office with 100, there's a very good chance you dislike HIPAA compliance for three reasons:

  • HIPAA is complex and confusing
  • HIPAA takes too long to figure out
  • Consulting and software services are way overpriced

HIPAAMATE is Different

Our software solves all three HIPAA problems by combining in-depth compliance features, an intelligent workflow, and cost-effective software. HIPAAMATE does the following:

  • Eliminates HIPAA compliance guesswork and confusion
  • Provides instruction for each HIPAA requirement
  • Manages your HIPAA documentation online
  • Helps protect against fines (86% of businesses fail the Risk Analysis requirement)

Key HIPAA Compliance Features

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA staff training content and documentation
  • Custom HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Business associate vendor management
  • Information Systems Activity Review (ISAR)
  • ePHI inventory tracking
  • HIPAA reports
  • Free support

Caution: Many software products and consulting services don't include a bonafide security risk analysis and leave you exposed to violations.

Short Product Demo

Long Product Demo