Risk Analysis Demonstration

The HIPAA risk analysis requirement can be confusing, but you can relax. Dr. Jeff Brown will explain everything and walk you through the entire process.

You will learn the 6 elements of a true risk analysis, including:

  • Workforce and business associates
  • ePHI inventory
  • Threat-vulnerability combinations
  • Safeguards implemented
  • Risk determination
  • Reports

Bonus: Dr. Jeff will also talk about how to create a risk management plan and related mitigation tasks—the HIPAA requirement that immediately follows a risk analysis.

Webinar duration: 45 minutes
Satisfaction: Guaranteed (not really😉)

Thank you for watching!

Yes, that was a lot of information and you probably feel a little overwhelmed. But remember, our software greatly simplifies the risk analysis and solves all 3 HIPAA problems!

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