Get to Know HIPAA Staff Training

Recorded Webinar

About The Webinar

While most offices perform some level of HIPAA training, many still fall short of being fully compliant. Dr. Jeff Brown uses a show-and-tell format to demonstrate how to meet the HIPAA staff training requirement.

This short webinar is packed full of valuable information, including:

  • Training precursors
  • Why training needs to be custom
  • How often must staff be trained
  • The 6 essential training topics
  • Whether or not to pay for training
  • Documentation

No wasted time with this one. Dr. Jeff gets straight to the point.

Duration: 19 minutes
Satisfaction: Guaranteed (maybe😉)

About The Host

CEO at HIPAAMATE online HIPAA compliance software

Dr. Jeff Brown is dedicated to making HIPAA compliance comfortable for small- and medium-sized healthcare practices and business associates. Dr. Brown’s career spans private practice, compliance consulting, and software product management for three healthcare technology companies.