Get to Know HIPAA Staff Training

While most offices perform some level of HIPAA training, many still fall short of being fully compliant. Dr. Jeff Brown uses a show-and-tell format to demonstrate how to meet the HIPAA staff training requirement.

This short webinar is packed full of valuable information, including:

  • Training precursors
  • Why training needs to be custom
  • How often must staff be trained
  • The 6 essential training topics
  • Whether or not to pay for training
  • Documentation

No wasted time with this one. Dr. Jeff gets straight to the point.

Webinar duration: 19 minutes
Satisfaction: Guaranteed (maybe😉)

Thank you for watching!

Yes, that was a lot of information and you probably feel a little overwhelmed. But remember, our software greatly simplifies staff training and solves all 3 HIPAA problems!

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